Hey, love!


▶ Trust your intuition and start making decisions based on what feels good to YOU

▶ Love who you see in the mirror and feel worthy without needing outside approval

▶ Release stress and start integrating mindfulness into your life so you can feel more relaxed & grounded

My 1:1 coaching is perfect for you if you struggle with:

▶ Feeling overwhelmed or like you have to always be working or "on-the-go"

▶ Feeling "not good enough" which causes you to doubt yourself or holds you back from your big goals and dreams

▶ Being hard on yourself, negative self talk, or self doubt

Imagine if you knew exactly how to...

▶ Release the need to control and instead, embrace more flexibility in your life

▶ Love yourself fully for who you are

▶ Move through fears, anxiety, and triggers with ease

▶ Create healthy boundaries that didn't leave you feeling resentful or burned out

▶ Feel confident and empowered to speak your truth in life and in relationships

▶ Believe in yourself and feel excited about your future

▶ Break your cycle of self-sabotage so you can be more consistent in your healthy habits

▶ Release the fear of what others think of you and live life doing what's best for YOU

What's expected of you as a client:

▶ You utilize the resources I give you in between our sessions and conversations

▶ You show up to our sessions on time and communicate about schedule changes

▶ You remain open, honest, and authentic with me so that I know how to best support

When you enroll in my private coaching program, you get:

▶ Weekly 50-minute sessions via Zoom

▶ Weekly shared google doc where I share your sessions notes and homework

▶ Unlimited Voxer text and voice messaging access to ask questions, share celebrations, and get in-the-moment support

▶ Access to any courses or content I release during the time we are in coaching (not including access to my group coaching programs)

▶ Immediate access to all of my past materials including the Simple Self Care Rituals e-guide, my intuition workbook, Moving Through Triggers course, and more!

▶ Access into my Journaling Your Way to Clarity Membership for the duration of our coaching

▶ Personalized tools, journal prompts, book recommendations, and meditations

▶ Me holding you accountable, cheering you on, asking you powerful questions, and encouraging you to rise up into your most empowered self

Coaching Packages and current rates:

OPTION one: 3 months of private mentorship with weekly sessions (12 sessions total)

$847 per month

OPTION two: 6 months of private mentorship with weekly sessions (24 calls total)

$697 per month

Apply For Private Coaching

Private coaching is by application only and spots are very limited! To apply for private coaching please click the 'apply now' button below and fill out the form. You will receive an email reply within a few days.

A love note to you on investing:

In our coaching (and especially in the 6-month option) we'll have an opportunity to dive really deep into all of the areas you'd like to work on. My 1:1 coaching program is an investment in your future and an opportunity to create changes that will last a lifetime!

If you know in your heart that this is the right next step for you, I encourage you to trust that feeling. Allow your intuition to guide you, (even if it does make you nervous!)

To date, I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on my education including mentors, coaches, classes, and online programs. I can speak from experience and say that the best money I have ever spent has been on my own healing, growth, and education!

Remember: You are worthy of investing time, money, and energy into YOU, your mindset, and your personal growth. You deserve this.

The work that you'll do in this program, not only positively impacts you... but everyone you meet. Not to mention generations and generations to come!