Hey there… I’m Josette Pajotte…RN and Certified Holistic Life Coach

I believe in a world where we can be healthier; mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I believe in a world where we can cope with our emotions and not let the stress of life control us.

I have spent over 10 years of my life learning and incorporating Holistic Living into my life. After learning about Holistic Living. I knew I had to leave bedside nursing to help you understand the power of your mind.

My programs are designed to teach you how to access your full potential, activate your spiritual power, and make transformational changes. I use an approach to every aspect of your life, mind, body, and spirit in my coaching.

Work With Me!

Discover The Power Of Living In the Now

Being in the present is maintaining control of yourself even in the most difficult times of your life.

It’s about learning to stop being reactive as soon as things don’t go your way or when you lose focus.

It’s also about learning to stop dwelling in the past. Forgiving. Or Struggling with shame.

Being so focused in the tomorrow that you are missing out on today.

This can affect your relationships with your loved ones and with yourself.

You need the tools that can help you to be fearless and have faith in yourself, to develop an attitude that handles problems as they arise rather than living in fear.

Because inside fear nothing grows.

7-Day Sugar Detox Program

Are You Struggling With Emotional Binge Eating?

Do You Feel Chained To The Dieting Rollercoaster?

You Can Break The Addiction Of Emotional Eating! You Can Lose 3-5 Pounds In Just 7 Days WITHOUT Dieting!! 

Reset Your Life 21-day Program

What do you want to change about your life?

Would you like to be in better shape?

Would you like to be in perfect health?

What about your emotional well-being – would you like to improve that?

Maybe you just want to change some of those bad habits you’ve picked up over the years that you know aren’t doing you any good – or at least change them so they’re better for you.

Making a big change in your life takes a lot of commitment, it’s true, but there are times when that change is just so incredibly good for you that it’s worth taking the time and effort to make it happen.

Renew YOU! Love Your Life Monthly Membership.

Are you living a life that you love?

Do you want to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead?

Would you like to take action to revitalize your life?

I know how challenging it can be to make shifts in our lives. With me by your side, we'll carry out a step-by-step ‘spring cleaning' of your life so you can live the joyful, passionate life you deserve to be living.

“Renew YOU, Love Your Life!” is balanced, well-crafted coaching that guides you through a 3 step process. You'll get to the heart of what's holding you back so you can reset your habits and refresh your life. Leave the blahs behind and connect with your joyful, energized self.

One On One Coaching


Trust your intuition and start making decisions based on what feels good to YOU.

Love who you see in the mirror and feel worthy without needing outside approval.

Release stress and start integrating mindfulness into your life so you can feel more relaxed & grounded

My 1:1 coaching is perfect for you if you struggle with:

Feeling overwhelmed or like you have to always be working or “on-the-go”

Feeling “not good enough” which causes you to doubt yourself or holds you back from your big goals and dreams.

Being hard on yourself, negative self talk, or self doubt

Coaching Packages and current rates:

OPTION one: 3 months of private mentorship with weekly sessions (12 sessions total)

$847 per month

OPTION two: 6 months of private mentorship with weekly sessions (24 calls total)

$697 per month

Private coaching is by application only and spots are very limited!