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Josette Pajotte

Take USANA’s True Health Assessment to receive a personalized nutrition program designed exclusively for you.

How can YOU improve your health?


usana true health assessment


Let’s face it…. we all need a little help getting where we want to go….

USANA True Health Assessment is a free…. cutting-edge health assessment that give you a personalized approach to measuring your health and offers real-life solutions to help you improve your lifestyle and nutrition…..

The USANA True Health Assessment is designed to get you started on your road to optimal health and a better life…

True Health Assessment is all about YOU….. YOUR health goals, and the life you want to live…. Ready to get started?

Find out how to optimize your:

  1. Top health risk areas….ranks your top health risk on lifestyle, biometrics, environment….
  2. Healthy Lifestyle plan…. this report gives health lifestyle suggestions designed just for you.
  3. Personalized Nutrition….this report designs a nutritional regimen to support your individual needs….

usana,true health assessment